Principle, principle

Nivlac is a weird creature, I swear.

You see, our normal gym schedule was planned by him where he indicated that we will go to gym on "even number" dates (after numerous ranting from me as we always tend to go to the same branch). Which means, 2th, 4th, 6th and so on...

By doing this, we get to go to all four branches in PJ and different instructors' classes.

This morning, he said:

Nivlac: Tomorrow gym (30th), then have to stop 2 days and go again on Friday.
Me: Huh?? Why?
Nivlac: Cos Wednesday is 31st and Thursday is 1st.
Me: WTFFFF????

As some people say, "diikat prinsip sendiri" (tied by his own priciple).


The recent trip to HK really opened my eyes on the cultures of Hongkies. While service at the local char chan teng (coffee shops) are bad, it's an entirely different thing when you stepped into international chain stores like 7-Eleven, Giordano, Levi's etc. So yes, HK is a place to shop but not exactly a good place for food.

Speaking of shopping, I accidentally peeked into my friend's wallet few weeks back and I commented, "Yo, nice wallet." He replied, "LV. 800 bucks".

First, the wallet doesn't have the typical (or should I say, famous?) LV monograph, so I couldn't recognise it at first. But spending a whopping 800 for a wallet???

He: I bought it in Europe few years back. It costs a few hundred cheaper there than here.
Me: Yeah, but still, 800?
He: Sometimes we need to pamper ourselves a bit mah. After you spent it, you'll work harder to earn the money back. That's how you progress further in your career and income, rather than staying stagnant.

Although I'm sorta agree to what he said, I think I need plenty of motivation to push myself to "progress further in my career". Contented with my current state? I think so.

Oh, by the way, I saw a very nice wallet in HK.

Announce-ment Day

Okay, so the announcement on the pay cut was made today.

Before that, the staff has been already asking me why are they cutting the pay (can see in their payslips). I just pretend I don't know about it.

Then when Payroll sent the announcement to their emails, it suddenly became very noisy; everyone just dump what they're been doing and swarmed the PCs to see how much they deduct.

"Why are they cutting our pay??"

"What? RM900++!"

"This wasn't our fault right? It was Payroll's mistake!"

I suddenly felt guilty for exposing the secret.

Manager: "You guys should know this day will come. I'm sure you all know that there are excess cash going in your account every month but you just kept quiet about it. Now the company is taking back the money and all you do is make noise."

Bye Bye Charade

Recently, when I was back to hometown, I was asked by my dad to sign a few documents. Apparently, he finally decided to scrap my old Daihatsu Charade to get a new car (yay!)

Then after that, I realized the car isn't for me, it's for my brother instead (or is it for my dad himself?). But Nivlac insisted that if my old car is under my name, the new one will be automatically registered under my name as well (after they scrapped it). Anyone know about stuff like this?

Say hello to the new Myvi SE.

And bye bye to the old Charade.

Honest or Stupiak?

I did something in the office lately, which will change the whole department probably starting next month.

Sounds like something big and important huh? It actually helps the company but not the staff.

You see, I notice that company payroll in India actually pays me and some of the staff extra in previous months... so I asked HR why do I get that extra few hundreds... and when they investigate, it seems to be a mistake did by payroll and no one said anything about it till I found it out myself.

Which means, HR will do the adjustments and deduct the overpaid amount from everyone in the company starting next month, including me!

Argh... honest or stupid ah?

Hepi With New Job

This blog's dying?

Sort of. The author was too lazy to update it.

But then, he suddenly came back. Well... for the meantime...


I haf to tell you ah, working here in new office is much better hor. Everyday lunch time hor, sure can see leng jai every where one. From Loreal la, Deloitte la, Kraft la, and even from my company. There are no leng jai from my department (too bad!) but the department next door, there's a hunky Malay guy. Our employee club's new secretary also not bad hor, good thing is since I'm also a committee member of the club, so I get to see him every time we have meeting. :p

Then there's this tall guy in specs, and a former Malaysia Hottest Hunk Top 12 finalist (we call him Mr October cos he was featured on the month of October in the calendar. Cannot remember which year lah... maybe 2007). Too bad both also in the department next door, so I don't have much chance to see them in office. :(

Then hor, when queuing up to "tah pau" lunch, when I see there's a leng jai in the queue, I will go and stand near to him lo. Hahaha, so vain hor... I know lah. :P

So overall, except from the problems in my department, it's fun to work here lo, unlike my old company.

*The second last paragraph is just a joke!